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Hydrorider on vesikuntopyörä, jota käytetään spinningin kaltaiseen harjoitteluun vyötärölle ulottuvassa vedessä. Pyörä on valmistettu kokonaan ruostumattomasta teräksestä ja sen runko on suunniteltu kestämään kovankin käytön aiheuttamia rasituksia. Polkimet ja vauhtipyörä pyörivät synteettisillä laakereilla, joita ei tarvitse huoltaa. Tahraamattomasta kumista valmistetut jalat pitävät pyörän vakaasti pystyssä altaan pohjassa. Pyörää voidaan käyttää 110-145 sentin syvyisessä vedessä normaalilla jalustalla tai 146-165 sentin syvyisessä vedessä korkealla jalustalla.





The Hydrorider Aquabike Professional is a unique Aqua Bike or Water Bike made for the activity of Aqua Cycling taking advantage of the many benefits of the aquatic environment. The resistance is determined by four paddle wheels that are adjustable on three levels the longer the paddle is pulled out, the greater the surface volume of water taken in; hence, the greater the resistance. Resistance is also added by increasing RPM’s through acceleration which is a key component in aquatic conditioning. Additional challenges can be met by a change in seat positions, intervals or power pull techniques, for maximum results it is recommended to use aqua gym shoes.

Our professional grade stationary bike is made of marine stainless steel, innovatively designed for ergonomic positioning, and crafted for optimum body sculpting. 

  • FLYWHEEL: four elements flywheel with pin rotation and synthetic self-lubricated bearing. Variable settings for three grades of resistance, in addition to natural acceleration resistance.  
  • BASES: covered with double anti-skid protection for better floor adhesion, extendible to adapt to pool depth.
  • SEAT: move vertically and horizontally for user alignment.
  • HANDLEBARS: move vertically and horizontally for user alignment. Also reversible for posture changes ideal in rehabilitation.
  • MATERIALS: Marine steel materials allow usage in thermal, salt, and mineral rich waters. 

Its multipurpose  use makes of it a unique piece of equipment. It features the attraction to: group exercise, personal training and athletic training, physical therapy, rehabilitation, weight loss and just for fun!

The Hydrorider Aquabike Professional require low to no maintenance. It was designed and engineered to resist to the hardest solicitations that professional fitness equipment have to bear during their life time. It weighs 22,5 kg and is easily wheeled to the pool and then handed to someone in the water. It can be stored, left on the pool deck or in the water.


Hydrorider has been featured in Grazia Daily,  Club Industry, Time, Steve Harvey Show, Shape Magazine, AQUAFITNESS Journal France,Vanity Fair, The Doctor Says, and on Channel 6 San Diego to name a few. 

Hydrorider bikes are in NYC's chic AQUA Studio and recently became the exclusive equipment for cycling under the stars on the Italian MSC Divina cruise shop.


  • Weight: 22,5 kg
  • Weight with pack: 28 kg

The aqua bike or water bikes and aquatreadmill or water treadmill, have been successfully used with great results for physical and motory rehabilitation, water therapy, weight loss and for disable users.