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The AquaTreadmill Professional is a unique Aquatic Treadmill made of marine stainless steel AISI 316L. The Hdrorider AquaTreadmill platform is made of 308 rolls that are rotating over flexible shock absorbing supports. There is no mechanic resistance nor motor moving the rolls.

The user has to move actively the legs toward the back against the water resistance while the foot is sliding over the rolls, and again back to the front and starting a new step with the other leg.

Let’s enter in the water now! We will dramatically reduce the weight effect on our body improving balance, muscular perception and blood circulation.

Hydrorider has made this possible with the new Hydrorider AquaTreadmill that allows the user to walk and run while immersed in the water taking advantage of the buoyancy and other benefits of the aquatic environment. The Hdrorider AquaTreadmill has been tested for two years before entering the market, with the goal to open new frontiers for the Aquatic Fitness and Rehabilitation and Athletic training.

The AquaTreadmill Hydrorider is a multipurpose piece of equipment and is the perfect for group exercise, circuit training, physical therapy, rehabilitation, personal training and athletic training. With special population it can be utilized for people with limitations due to arthritis, fibromyalgia, previous injury, obesity or those who are de-conditioned, also suitable for coop use with medical and fitness facilities.


  • Can be used in alternate groups for example 10 Traedmills can be used by 30 users alternating during the same training program
  • Attracts the attention of new clients across all age groups and helps to increase customer base
  • Suitable for Circuit Training Programs such as Aquathriatlon and Run and Box
  • It offers the possibility to give to the clienteles different options like Cardio Station, Personal Training, Rehabilitation ad Aquafitness
  • Its simplified structure makes it a low to no maintenance piece of equipment


Hydrorider has been featured in Grazia Daily,  Club Industry, Time, Steve Harvey Show, Shape Magazine, AQUAFITNESS Journal France,Vanity Fair, The Doctor Says, and on Channel 6 San Diego to name a few. 

Hydrorider bikes are in NYC's chic AQUA Studio and recently became the exclusive equipment for cycling under the stars on the Italian MSC Divina cruise shop.


Weight: 36 kg

Equipment including pack weight: 71 kg

The aqua bike or water bikes and aquatreadmill or water treadmill, have been successfully used with great results for physical and motory rehabilitation, water therapy, weight loss and for disable users.

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