Arena Bishamon AUSTRALIA (F32-D30-US26-UK26)

Ei varastossa tällä hetkellä, toimitusaika-arvio 14 - 21 vrk:ta


(sis.alv 24%)

The Arena Bishamon high leg swimsuit – Australia has been designed in the lead up to the Tokyo Olympics.  The pattern is inspired by the traditional Japanese pattern Bishamon Kikko and the Australian flag.  It is the pattern of the armour of Bishamonten, who is the god of fighting in mythologies of Asia.  Bishamon is the god of treasure and victory and a guardian deity who has a divine favour in competitions.  The Bishamon Kikko design is an evenly repeated combination of three hexagons.  These hexagons are called Kikko, and it is inspired by the carapace of a tortoise, which has the meaning of immortal glory and prosperity.  The god of victory, Bishamonten, and the Kikko pattern, a symbol of a lucky omen are combined to create the Bishamon Kikko.

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