Arena Kickboard Hydraboard Ducks



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The eye-catching arena unisex Kickboard Printed is ideal as floatation aid for untrained swimmers. It can be used as well for trained swimmers for strength or technique training. It helps improving the stability of the body and strengthening the legs. Furthermore it is helpful during exercises for technical improvement of the leg kick. The arms are comfortably supported while keeping the upper body still. For perfect concentration on the leg training. The grip holes allow different hand positions. 


  • Usable as floatation aid or for training the strength and technique of the legs
  • Designed to improve the stability, the power and the technique of the leg kick, excellent buoyancy
  • Various hand positions possible, moulded handles
  • Ideal for competitive and fitness swimmers
  • 100% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • PVC free.
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