Interval® 2000 Split/Rate sekkari, sekuntikello (sis.pehmuste)

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Store 2000 splits and/or rates in memory: Stores and recalls lap times AND cumulative splits. Stroke rates are stored in memory with the time taken. Segmented memory allows one to store multiple races or workouts for later recall (along with the time and date they were stored). Save multiple races, pieces or workouts: Simply press the "next segment" button to store data from another race or piece in memory (store up to 2,000 segments). Stored segments are identified by date and time started when recalled. Rate options: Count 1, 2 or 3 strokes, strides or cycles. View strokes per minute (1/2 stroke resolution) OR seconds per stroke (1/100th second resolutions). Upload memory data to your computer with the Interval Interface and WatchWare for Windows Docking cradle plugs into serial (com) port. Watch drops onto cradle and communicates optically. Data upload is controlled by data transfer software. Control upload, store data, sort data and review data. Maintain athlete roster and assign split times and rate to individual athletes. Calculate splits for multiple athletes or crews timed in one set or race. Automatically calculate distance per stroke and speed based on pool length or other known distance.

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